Delusion, An Office Interior

The office space to be designed was a typical rectangular box sandwiched between two shared walls. It was a tight linear space measured about 27 sq m with a single source of light at the end towards the east side. The idea is to create an ambience through delusions to perceive the space to be much larger than its actual size. Delusions created through the effect of reflections and refractions of light within the space. This effect created a dynamic space. 

The space layout is compactly designed to achieve all the requirement of the client without losing the concept of open plan.  The layout out comfortably accommodates Reception area with waiting longue; One small office cabin space; Three working staff table spaces; One large office space with separate waiting lounge and a Separate utility space with pantry. 

Glass with different tints is used to carve out diverse spaces catering to varied functional requirements. The glass is coupled with delicate arched brass frame. The glass is articulated to create interesting inter-reflection and refraction situations within the space. Light passes across the boundary between two of the glass and creates refraction. This creates delusions of spaces with different tones of natural light. It also creates a matrix of shadow patterns of arched brass frame on the vertical (wall) and horizontal (floor) surfaces both. Hence, it gives a three-dimensional Dynamic space experience. 


The furniture is delicately designed with simple mild steel frames. Mild steel gives us the opportunity to minimize the structural member for all the furniture.  This allows the space and natural light to flow continuously from one point to another. 

A curtain of horizontal wooden strips is designed in the middle space. A cocoon-like space with curve ceiling is created to enhance diversity in the continues linear space. 

Unobstructed Natural light and Linearity ties diverse spaces together. Making the Singularity and Diversity both to co-exist harmoniously. 

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